Study Programmes 2020-2021
Bachelor's degree: Preschool teacher
Cycle view of the study programmeBlOrThPrOtCr
Compulsory courses (B1 : 60Cr)
 Teaching of French I, French - Belinda Firmani
 Interdisciplinary Training for Primary Education
 Mathematics - Valérie Jusseret
 Educational psychology - Marc Laroche
 Interdisciplinary Training for Primary Education II
 Historical Training - Marie-Cécile Charles
 Geographic Training - Jean-François Offergeld
 Interdisciplinary Training for Primary Education III
 Mathematics - Valérie Jusseret
 Scientific Training - Guillaume Bernard - [8h TAE]
 Teaching of French II, French - Belinda Firmani
 Introduction to
 Professional Training Workshops - Marie-Cécile Charles, Annie Gofflot, Séverine Libon, Isabelle Mary, Jean-François Offergeld, Sandrine Pecheux
 Educational Psychology - Séverine Libon
 History Training - Marie-Cécile Charles
 Geography Training - Jean-François Offergeld
 Formation scientifique - Annie Gofflot - [6h TAE]
 Professional Project
 Final Year Project - Belinda Firmani, Marc Laroche
 Citizenship - Pauline Francois
 Educational Psychology - Marc Laroche
 Educational Psychology-FYP Support - Marc Laroche
 Professional Training Workshops - Guillaume Bernard, Marie-Cécile Charles, Carine Danloy, Belinda Firmani, Valérie Jusseret, Marc Laroche, Régine Leporcq, Isabelle Mary, Monique Wagner
 Professional Integration Activities Dedicated to Practicum, Teaching Practicum - Guillaume Bernard, Marjorie Chamillard, Marie-Cécile Charles, Carine Danloy, Belinda Firmani, Sandra Hennay, Valérie Jusseret, Marc Laroche, Marc Laroche, Régine Leporcq, Isabelle Mary, Jean-François Offergeld, Stéphanie Parizel, Catherine Schockert, Monique Wagner - [264h Internship]
Optional courses (B1 : 5Cr)
Optional courses (B1 : 5Cr)
 Moral Option, Didactics of Morality
 PCE Option, Didactics of the PCE