Study Programmes 2023-2024
Master en enseignement section 2
Cycle view of the study programmeBlOrThPrOtCr
Master S2
Compulsory courses (B1 : 60Cr)
 Differentiation and Individualised Support
 Differentiated Teaching and Individualised Support for Pupils (Différenciation pédagogique et accompagnement personnalisé des élèves 18h TH)
 Mathematics and/or Didactics of this Subject (Mathématiques et/ou didactique de cette discipline 24h TH)
 History Training and Didactics, From History as it is Constructed to History as it is Learnt (De l'Histoire qui se construit à l'Histoire qui s'apprend 12h TH)
 Geography Training and Didactics, Didactics of Geography: Spatial Components and Geospatial Technologies (Didactique de la géographie : composantes spatiales et technologies géospatiales 12h TH)
 Science and Didactics, Epistemology and History of Science (Epistémologie et histoire des sciences 12h TH)
 The Teacher as a Practitioner
 Managing Your Administrative Status and Career Record (Maitriser sa sit admin et son dossier prof 12h th)
 Code of Professional Conduct (Déontologie de la profession 12h th)
 Supporting Children Who Are Speakers of Other Languages (Accueillir les enfants allophones 12h th)
 Digital Skills and Didactics, Didactics of Digital Technology (Didactique du numérique 12h th)
 French, French (Français 24h th)
 Manual, Technical and Technological Skills - Mathematics
 Manual, Technical and Technological Skills (Formation man tech et techno 12h th)
 Mathematics (Mathématiques 12h th)
 Introduction to History and Geography
 Geography Training and Didactics (Formation géographique et didactique 12h th)
 History Training and Didactics (Formation historique et didactique 12h th)
 Dissertation (Mémoire 168h th)
 Methodology Guidance for Educational Research (Accomp méthodo à la recherche en éducation 18h th)
 Written and Verbal Academic Communication (Communication académique écrite et orale 12h th)
 French (Français 12h th)
 Placement, Placement (Stage 480h St) - [480h Internship]