Study Programmes 2023-2024
Master en enseignement section 3 : formation manuelle, technique et technologique et formation numérique
Cycle view of the study programmeBlOrThPrOtCr
Master S3 Manual, technical and technological training and digital training
Compulsory courses
 Differentiation and Individualised Support
 Differentiated Teaching and Individualised Support for Pupils
 Manual, Technical and Technological Skills (FMTT) and/or Didactics of this Subject
 Manual, Technical and Technological Skills (FMTT) and Didactics, Issues in the Didactics of Manual, Technical and Technological Skills
 Digital Technology and Didactics, Issues in the Didactics of Digital Technology
 The Teacher as a Practitioner
 Managing Your Administrative Status and Career Record
 Code of Professional Conduct
 Supporting Children Who Are Speakers of Other Languages
 Production and Alternative Management, Production and Alternative Management
 Digital Identity and Cybersecurity, Digital Identity and Cybersecurity
 Methodology Guidance for Educational Research
 Written and Verbal Academic Communication
 Digital Technology
 Placement, Placement - [480h Internship]