Study Programmes 2024-2025
Bachelor's degree : Social worker
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Bachelor Social worker
Compulsory courses (B1 : 60Cr, B2 : 60Cr, B3 : 60Cr)
 Social Work and Social Security Law: Foundations, History and Methodology
 Contemporary Social and Political History - Laurent Marx
 Foundations of Social Work - Patrice Marchal
 Institutional Network and Medical Social Sciences
 Medical Social Sciences - Nathalie Servais
 Social Institutions - Véronique Richard
 Humanities Methodologies: Methodological and Statistical Approaches, Humanities Methodologies: Methodological and Statistical Approaches - Amanda Castiaux
 Social Work Methodology and PIA : Placement 1
 Placement 1 - [128h Internship]
 Professional Relations Seminar - Florence Simon
 Social Issues Analysis Workshop - Emilie Cominelli, Florence Simon, Laurence Sokay
 Communication in Social Work, Communication in Social Work - Marie-Aline Gilloteaux, Véronique Richard
 Introduction to Law and Civil Law
 Elements of Criminal Law and Issues in Criminology - Florence Simon
 Psychology 1 - Jean-François Dehez
 Psychology 2
 Philosophy, Philosophy - Arnaud Temmerman
 Sociology and Cultural Anthropology
 Sociology - Amanda Castiaux
 Economics, Economics
 Public Law and Social Security Law
 Public Law
 Introduction to Social Security Law
 Professional Integration Activities 2
 Placement 2 - Valérie Recht, Laurence Sokay
 Séminaire de projet professionnel 2 - Thomas Gillard, Marie-Aline Gilloteaux, Valérie Recht, Laurence Sokay
 Supervisions 2 - Thomas Gillard, Thomas Gillard, Marie-Aline Gilloteaux, Marie-Aline Gilloteaux, Valérie Recht, Laurence Sokay
 Séminaire d'application méthodologique
 Social Work Practices
 Individual Social Work
 Group Social Work
 Community Social Work
 Humanities Methodologies in Social Work
 Humanities Methodologies - Amanda Castiaux
 Relationship Science
 Sociology of the Family
 Systemic Approach
 Advanced Issues in Psychology
 Psychopathology - Jean-François Dehez
 Social Psychology - Jean-François Dehez
 Social Policy and Immigration
 Social Policy and Citizenship - Emilie Cominelli, Valérie Recht
 Social Dimensions of Immigration - Emilie Cominelli
 Social Economy and Organisational Analysis
 Social Economy - Jean-François Husson
 Elements of Organisational Analysis - Véronique Richard
 Social Law
 Social Security Law: Principles and Application - Philippe Dachelet
 CPAS (public welfare centres) Legislation - Eric Freid
 Labour Legislation - Florence Simon
 Youth Criminal Law as a Tool for the Social Worker
 Youth Protection and Assistance - Véronique Richard
 Criminal Law - Florence Simon
 Social Work Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics
 Ethical Dimensions
 Code of Professional Conduct
 Communication and Professional Relations
 Communication in Social Work
 Professional Relations
 Cours à option
 Travail social et grande précarité
 Travail social et international
 Travail social et insertion
 Travail social et santé
 Social Policy and Action: Societal Issues and Social Change Practices
 Social Policy and Action
 Social Work with Groups: Group Facilitation
 Applied Community Action: Project Management and Delivery
 Evaluation en travail social
 Special Intervention Methodologies in Social Work
 Pratiques de travail social appliquées
 Systemic Intervention
 IT in Social Work, IT
 Social Philosophy and Professional Identity
 Social Philosophy - Arnaud Temmerman
 Philosophy and Code of Ethics
 Professional Integration Activities: Final Year Project
 Humanities Methodologies for FYP - Amanda Castiaux
 Final Year Project
 Professional Integration Activities
 Professional Integration Activities 3: Placement 3 - Laurence Brasseur, Nancy Godfrin, Valérie Recht
 Séminaire professionnel 3
 Supervision 3