Study Programmes 2023-2024
Work and study master's degree in Site management specialised in sustainable building
Cycle view of the study programmeBlOrThPrOtCr
Compulsory courses (B1 : 60Cr, B2 : 60Cr)
 Concept of Management
 Legal Aspects Related to Construction - Géraldine Pety
 Organisation of Maintenance - Safety - Marc Durieux
 Lean Management - Maureen Chamillard
 Topography and Standards, Topography and Standards - Michael Plainchamp
 Sustainable Construction 1
 Water and Waste Management - Ourida Iguerb
 Architecture et principes de conception durable - Géraldine Pety
 Acquisition of Skills in the Workplace 1, In-House Training 1 (40 jours de stage) - Marc Durieux, Géraldine Pety - [40d Internship]
 Introduction to Collaborative Tools, Introduction to Collaborative Tools - Grégory Gillet, Géraldine Pety
 Construction 1
 Roads and Networks - Maureen Chamillard
 Reinforced Concrete - Maureen Chamillard
 Special Techniques 2, Regulation and Dynamic Building Behaviour - Yves Satinet
 Basic Management
 Human Relations Seminars - Amanda Castiaux
 Planning Concepts - Jean-Christophe Hick
 Management Control Concepts - Jean-Christophe Hick
 Acquisition of Skills in the Workplace 2, In-House Training 2 - Marc Durieux, Géraldine Pety - [60d Internship]
 Smart Building Management, Smart Building Management - Marc Carlini
 Applied Management
 Planning Tools - Maureen Chamillard
 Management Control - Jean-Christophe Hick
 Public Contracts - Maureen Chamillard
 Introduction to ERP - Jean-Christophe Hick
 Skills Development in the Workplace 3, In-House Training - Marc Durieux, Géraldine Pety - [50d Internship]
 Sustainable Construction 3
 Audits and Sustainable Renovation - Marc Durieux
 Stratégies d'écoconstruction - Géraldine Pety
 Sustainable Construction 2
 Physique et pathologie des constructions - Michael Plainchamp
 Environmental Standards - Ourida Iguerb
 Skills Development in the Workplace 4, In-House Training - Marc Durieux, Géraldine Pety - [50d Internship]
 Final Work, Mémoire (180h théorie) - Marc Durieux, Géraldine Pety
Optional courses (B1 : 6Cr)
The students holders of a bachelor degree in construction/architecture choose the teaching (and learning) unit TESP0001

The students hoders of a bachelor degree in electro-mechanics choose the teaching (and learning) unit CONS0001 (B1 : 6Cr)
 Fundamental Technical Concepts - Construction
 Resistance of Materials - François Lambert
 Construction Technology - Michaël Nahant
 Earthworks and Foundations - Maureen Chamillard
 Topography - Michael Plainchamp
 Soil Mechanics - Maureen Chamillard
 Fundamental Technical Concepts - Special Techniques
 Electrical Engineering - Thierry Gobin
 Heating - Sanitary - Lisa de Halleux
 Air Conditioning and Ventilation - Yves Satinet
Optional free courses (B1 : 3Cr)
 Citizen Involvement in the Life of the Institution, Citizen Involvement in the Life of the Institution - Bénédicte Léonard - [90h AUTR]