Study Programmes 2024-2025
Master in Industrial engineering (industry)
Cycle view of the study programmeBlOrThPrOtCr
Compulsory courses (B1 : 42Cr, B2 : 48Cr)
 QSE - Quality, Safety, Environment
 Environmental Aspects and Production Techniques - Joel Lamberty
 Quality and Safety Management - Marc Durieux, Anthony Poncelet, Christine Serre
 Language 5, English 5 - Jessica Vervalcke
 Electrical Engineering
 Automatic - Simon Englebert
 Electrical Engineering - Patricia Jacquemin
 Power Electronics - Patricia Jacquemin
 Applied Science 1
 Introduction to Finite Element Method - Nicolas Bougard
 Applied Science 1 - Cédric Troessaert
 Business Management, Business Management - Hugues Teuwa
 Applied Thermodynamics, Applied Thermodynamics - Marc Durieux, Damien Lecart
 Machine Elements, Machine Elements - Yves Satinet
 Management de projets, Management de projets
 IT Project, IT Project - Simon Englebert
 Industrial Chemistry - Jérôme Louis
 Materials Engineering - Jérôme Louis
 Visites d'entreprises
 Organisational and Technological Aspects of Construction
 Site Management - Géraldine Pety
 Maquette numérique du bâtiment - Michaël Nahant
 Networks and Measurements, Networks and Industrial Communication - Yves Satinet
 Business Creation Project, Business Creation Project - Hugues Teuwa
 Humanities and Management 2
 Humanities and Social Sciences 2 - Sandrine Bem
 Entrepreneurial Management 2 - Hugues Teuwa
 Applied Science 2
 Introduction to Operations Research - Nicolas Bougard
 Applied Science 2 - Cédric Troessaert
 Energetics, Energetics - Alain Thiry
 Maintenance - Management
 Maintenance - Marc Durieux
 Lean Management - Marc Durieux
 Special Building Techniques, Special Building Techniques - Lisa de Halleux
 Practicum and FW, Practicum and FW - Damien Lecart - [360h AUTR]
Optional courses (B1 : 18Cr, B2 : 12Cr)
Choose one of the following focus : (B1 : 18Cr, B2 : 12Cr)
Industry (B1 : 18Cr, B2 : 12Cr)
Choose a principle major and possibly courses in another major in addition (B1 : 18Cr, B2 : 12Cr)
Department of Mechatronics (B1 : 18Cr, B2 : 12Cr)
 Electronic Systems Design
 Microprocessors - Simon Englebert
 Electronic CAD - Simon Englebert
 Fabrication mécanique, Fabrication mécanique - CFAO
 Robotics, Robotics - Marc Carlini, Yves Satinet
 Transmissions de Puissance, Transmissions de Puissance
 Mechatronics Project 1, Mechatronics Project - Marc Carlini
 Networks and Measurements Supplements
 Networks and Industrial Communication Supplements - Yves Satinet
 Sensors and Smart Sensors - Yves Satinet
 PLCs and signals
 Fieldbus - Simon Englebert
 Programming Advanced PLCs - Simon Englebert
 Servo Control, Servo Control - Yves Satinet
 Hydropneumatic, Hydropneumatic - Damien Lecart
 Mechatronics Project 2, Mechatronics Project (cont'd) - Anthony Poncelet
Major in Wood-concrete construction (B1 : 18Cr, B2 : 12Cr)
 Resistance and Stability of Structures 1
 Reinforced Concrete
 Stability of Constructions
 BIM Wood-Concrete Interaction
 Metal Structures - Grégory Gillet
 Wooden Component Computation
 Strength of Materials - Grégory Gillet
 Construction Project 1 - BIM - Grégory Gillet
 Construction Project 1, Construction Project - Grégory Gillet
 Topography, Topography
 Infrastructure and Civil Engineering
 Design of Geotechnical Structures
 Construction Project 2
 Civil Engineering Complements
 Structures - Maureen Chamillard
 Prestressed Concrete - Maureen Chamillard
 Sols, voiries et réseaux - Michaël Nahant
 Design and Calculation of Wooden Structures
 Calculation of Timber Elements and Assemblies - Maureen Chamillard
 Technologie de la construction bois - Michaël Nahant
 Supplements of Special Techniques, Initiation to Programming - Yves Satinet
 Construction Project 2, Construction Project (Continued) - Grégory Gillet
Optional free courses (B1 : 3Cr)
 Citizen Involvement in the Life of the Institution, Citizen Involvement in the Life of the Institution - Bénédicte Léonard - [90h AUTR]
 Implication citoyenne dans le développement durable , Implication citoyenne dans le développement durable (Implication citoyenne dans le développement durable) - Maxime Mottet
 Erasmus BIP, Erasmus Beep