Study Programmes 2019-2020
Bachelor's degree in Tourism
Cycle view of the study programmeBlOrThPrOtCr
Compulsory courses (B1 : 54Cr, B2 : 55Cr, B3 : 57Cr)
 Foundations of Economics and Law
 Constitutional Law and Tourism Institutions - Patricia Capelle
 General Economics - Olivier Berger
 Civil Law - Katia Guérisse
 Cultural and Geographic Approach to Tourism
 Artistic and Cultural Heritagev - Maud Schmitz
 Geographic Approach to Tourism - Bernard De Myttenaere
 1st Foreign Language I, English (english language) - Yasmine Vandenwijngaert
 3rd Foreign Language I, Spanish (spanish language) - Isabelle Nonclercq
 Event Organisation
 Reception and Information Management - Maud Schmitz
 Communication Techniques - Étienne Mehu
 Automation - Corine Lecomte
 Projet - Maud Schmitz
 Tourism Economics and Management
 Accounting - Olivier Berger
 General Principles of Business Organisation - Hadelin De Beer
 Tourism Economics - Olivier Berger
 Socio-Political Approach to Tourism
 Tourism Policy - Françoise Houbotte
 Sociology of Tourism and Recreation - Gaëtan Cerfontaine
 Tourism Anthropology - Gaëtan Cerfontaine
 Tourism and Sustainable Development
 Introduction to Sustainable Development (Introduction au dévelopement durable) - Hadelin De Beer
 Introduction to Sustainable Tourism (Introduction au tourisme durable) - Bernard De Myttenaere
 Hotel Management
 Hospitality Organisation and Management - Bernard De Myttenaere
 Environmental Management of Accommodation Infrastructures - Hadelin De Beer
 French - Isabelle Nonclercq
 ICT - Étienne Mehu
 1st Foreign Language II, English (english language) - Yasmine Vandenwijngaert
 3rd Foreign Language II, Spanish - Isabelle Nonclercq
 Integration into the Professional Environment
 Project Management - Hadelin De Beer, Maud Schmitz
 Social Skills and Interpersonal Skills (Soft skills) - Hadelin De Beer, Maud Schmitz
 Project (Observation Placement) - Maud Schmitz
 Management Tools 1
 Accounting Complements and Financial Analysis - Olivier Berger
 Marketing - Olivier Berger
 Fiscalité - France-Lise Caron
 Information Collection and Processing
 Introduction to Information Retrieval - Maud Schmitz
 Computer Science and Statistics - Cédric Troessaert
 Cultural and Geographic Approach to Tourism 2
 Geographic Approach to Tourism - Bernard De Myttenaere
 French - Geoffroy Brunson
 Stakeholders and Stakes in Tourism Enhancement - Bernard De Myttenaere, Maud Schmitz
 Tourism Enhancement and Heritage Mediation - Maud Schmitz
 1st Foreign Language 3 (english language) - Maurine Leyder
 3rd Foreign Language 3 (spanish language) - Isabelle Nonclercq
 Management of Tourist Sites
 Organisation and Management of Tourist Sites - Laurent Smolders
 Techniques and Practices of Digital Communication - Étienne Mehu
 Event Organisation - Hadelin De Beer
 Project - Organisation and Management of Tourist Sites - Laurent Smolders
 Sending Tourism: Destinations
 Geography of Tourism Supply - Bernard De Myttenaere
 Artistic and Cultural Heritage - Maud Schmitz
 Commercialisation of Tourism Products
 Sales and Distribution Techniques - Françoise Houbotte
 Management du big data et e-reputation - Diederick Legrain
 Law Applied to Sustainable Tourism
 Tourism Law - Patricia Capelle
 Environmental Law - Patricia Capelle
 Research Methodology 1
 Analysis of Sources and Data of the Tourism Sector - Bernard De Myttenaere
 Enquêtes et sondages - Gaëtan Cerfontaine
 1st Foreign Language 4, English - Maurine Leyder
 3rd Foreign Language 4, Spanish - Isabelle Nonclercq
 Design and Organisation of Tourism Products
 Tour Operating and Distribution - Laura Detraux
 MICE Seminar (Business Tourism) - Françoise Houbotte - [6h SEM]
 Transport Policy - Françoise Houbotte
 Project (Study Tour) - Françoise Houbotte - [12h Peda. Tr.]
 Management of Human Resources
 GRH - Hadelin De Beer
 Social Law - Katia Guérisse
 Principles of Strategic Management of Tourist Destinations
 Ecology and Sustainable Management of Tourist Destinations - Hadelin De Beer
 Principles of Land Development - Bernard De Myttenaere
 Strategies of Touristic Enhancement - Bernard De Myttenaere, Maud Schmitz
 Project Engineering - Hadelin De Beer
 Strategic Management Practices of Tourist Destinations
 Strategic Tools of Environmental Management - Hadelin De Beer
 Territorial Planning Management Tools - Laurent Smolders
 Strategic Tools for Territorial Management - Bernard De Myttenaere
 Digital Marketing - Diederick Legrain
 Strategic Management of Tourist Destinations Project - Hadelin De Beer, Bernard De Myttenaere, Laurent Smolders
 Cultural and Landscape Mediation
 Techniques and Practices of Cultural Heritage - Maud Schmitz
 Cartographic Tools with a Touristic Objective - Bernard De Myttenaere
 Geographical Reading of the Countryside - Bernard De Myttenaere
 Cultural and Landscape Mediation Project - Bernard De Myttenaere, Maud Schmitz
 Research Methodology 2
 Analysis Methods of Qualitative and Quantitative Data - Bernard De Myttenaere
 Representational Methods of Qualitative and Quantitative Data - Hadelin De Beer
 1st Foreign Language 5, English - Maurine Leyder
 3rd Foreign Language 5, Spanish - Isabelle Nonclercq
 Practicum, Practicum - Françoise Houbotte - [280h Internship]
 FW, FW - Bernard De Myttenaere, Maud Schmitz
Optional courses (B1 : 6Cr, B2 : 5Cr, B3 : 3Cr)
Choose 5 courses of the same language amongst : (B1 : 6Cr, B2 : 5Cr, B3 : 3Cr)
 2nd Foreign Language I, German - Alice Desmet
 2nd Foreign Language I, Dutch - Diane Devillez
 2nd Foreign Language II, German (german language) - Alice Desmet
 2nd Foreign Language II, Dutch (dutch language) - Diane Devillez
 2nd Foreign Language 3, German (german language) - Alice Desmet
 2nd Foreign Language 3, Dutch (dutch language) - Diane Devillez
 2nd Foreign Language 4, German - Alice Desmet
 2nd Foreign Language 4, Dutch - Diane Devillez
 2nd Foreign Language 5, German - Alice Desmet
 2nd Foreign Language 5, Dutch - Diane Devillez
Optional free courses (B1 : 3Cr)
 Citizen Involvement in the Life of the Institution, Citizen Involvement in the Life of the Institution - Bénédicte Léonard - [90h AUTR]